101 to the 405 (2019)
︎Video Poem︎
︎Class project - UCLA course, Writing for the Internet︎

A splitscreen video poem making use of dialogue boxes and Google Street View to imbue a sense of personal claustrophobia.

The lefthand side of the splitscreen takes language from an old diary entry at a time in my life where things felt at a standstill - spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The diary fragments appear in dialogue boxes which “prompt” the viewer to hit the “Break” or “Gas.”

The righthand side is a looped video of screengrabs showing the Google Street View of the US-101/I-405 interchange in Los Angeles, California - an interchange that I was deeply familiar with while I lived at my parents’ home and communted to school my sophmore year of college.

The video is presented as though it were interactive, yet no interactivity is afforded to the viewer. The last dialogue box presents only one option: “Go.” Even in this moment of personal stagnation, the narrator-participant has no choice but to “Floor it” and hope that their circumstance will move past meaningless routine towards personal autonomy.

︎︎︎Watch the full video here