Lick Your Wounds (2019)
︎Video Poem︎
︎Personal Project︎

A fragmented, nonlinear monologue adapted from text messages sent to an ex-lover in April of 2018.

An experiment in video poetry, Lick Your Wounds is a desperate plea for romantic optimism. This piece uses clips from Alexander Hammid and Maya Deren‘s experimental documentary, “The Private Life of a Cat,” interspersed with original footage and text.

The numbered text fragments reflect the order in which the messages were originally sent to my ex-lover.

Mixing up their order not only creates new meanings and associations between these fragments, but weakens the argument of the “Optimist” (whose perspective is featured in the video) by drafting a monologue that’s quite dense and hard to follow. This is meant to reflect the near-impossibility of successfully getting a complicated point across over text messages, and the ceaseless tug-and-pull between romantic optimists and pragmatists - who each believe their perspective the most appropriate and correct.  

︎︎︎Watch the full video here