Not For Sale (2018)
︎Video Essay︎
︎Final project - UCLA course, Performance and Protest︎
︎In collaboration with Sophia DoQui and Jem Garcia︎

An anti-advertisement that ridicules so-called “body positive” campaigns to expose the way mainstream media coopts and comodifies body positivity to sell products to women.

Neoliberal monetization and sloganization of the historical fat-acceptance movement vaguely centers “body positivity” while relegating intersections of race, ability, and gender expression to the periphery;Not For Sale rejects this erasure by uplifting the voices of those marginalized by the “body positivity” movement as it manifests microcosmically in Aerie’s commodity-feminist campaign, #AerieReal.

Not For Sale pushes back against illusory suggestions of radical action and instead confirms the necessity of social movements to practice reflection and avoid hypocrisy. The anti-advertisement asks: Have Things Really Changed That Much? And promptly answers its own question - not with cynicism, but with a vision of the future populated by the demands and aspirations of its contemporary radicals. Not For Sale argues that contrary to the insidious capitalist consumerism model, freedom is in fact free.

︎︎︎Watch the full video here